arashaaz, rotterdam 2015, iphone

arashaaz, rotterdam 2015, iphone

Kamangir | Beyond Boundaries develops visions with a long-term scope, aimed at maximizing an organization's positive impact potential within its societal ecosystem. Our team of entrepreneurs, scientists and philosophers in residence first helps organizations find their purpose, and then helps our clients to develop and maintain a transgenerational scope that serves as an organizational navigation system.

It's all about empowering people to create lasting value.

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arashaaz, new york 2014, iphone

arashaaz, new york 2014, iphone

Once the vision and purpose of an organization are clear, it is time to develop a firm strategy.

Kamangir develops strategies with a unique methodology of "back-casting", putting its clients' vision and purpose at the centre of each course of action.

As we quickly shift from economic systems based on scarcity and centralized control to entirely new systems built upon principles of abundance, equality and democracy, Kamangir | Beyond Boundaries helps organizations to ensure lasting value creation for all stakeholders.

Kamangir | Beyond Boundaries helps designing and implementing the structures, organizations and propositions that enable you to maximize your positive impact for years to come.

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drawing by margherita pagani, Ebbf barcelona 2013

drawing by margherita pagani, Ebbf barcelona 2013

A clear vision with a transgenerational positive impact and the strategies that lead the way to that bright future challenge us to develop models that support these strategies. Business models as we know them, based on volume, scarcity and inequality, won't do the trick. Kamangir | Beyond Boundaries therefore develops unique and lasting organization models and business models for the economy of the future, based on abundance, equality and empowerment. We call this "Natural Organizations".

Every organization is created for positive impact. This effects stakeholders: shareholders, customers, co-workers, suppliers, society and the environment. It is our aim to help our clients develop and deploy business models that positively impact every stakeholder, and serve a purpose higher than itself, so that we all contribute to truly sustainable value creation and to an ever-advancing civilization. 

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